V12 E2020 Invincible High Leg Waterproof Zip Side Safety Leather Boot Black

V12 E2020 Invincible High Leg Waterproof Zip Side Safety Leather Boot Black

Certain jobs demand more than your average shoe or boot. Like heavy-duty footwear that’s tough, safe and can handle changing conditions and challenges.

At V12 we’re always researching new materials, testing new technologies and embracing modern design to deliver footwear that is up to the job. From lightweight, composite, anti-fatigue day-long comfort to waterproof rigger boots with unique ankle protection – all our products are designed with the wearer in mind. Because when you’ve got a full-on job to do, you need full strength footwear.

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V12 E2020  Safety Leather Boot Build for Strenght, Designed for Endurance and All Day Comfort.

We’ve spent years researching the perfect boot for extreme work situations (like the Emergency Services). It’s why Invincible combines an advanced shock absorbency with a stunning waxed hide, easy access side zip, non-glint speed lace system and half bellows tongue with flex points. We’ve also used D30 in the ankle area for added protection as well as a cut away ergo collar, padded lining and heat resist sole – safety in the extreme.

• V12 E2020  Safety Leather Boot Wide fitting toecap with 200 Joule protection
• Composite Toe Cap – Tough armour coated anti-scuff toe
• Padded Ergo Collar – To prevent chafing during ladder work or driving
• Waterproof + Breathable – Designed to keep feet dry and to provide breathability throughtout the day
• Quick Dry Moisture Wicking Lining – For added comfort and improved foot health
• Nylon Speed Lacing System – To remove danger of sparking
• Bellows Tongue – Prevents ingress of dirt and water
• S3 Water Repellant Leather – Downward facing seams for water run off
• Endurance Flexlite Multi Directional Tread Sole – For liquid dispersal. Designed to allow maximum ground contact
• Penetration Resistant Composite Midsole – For underfoot protection against sharp objects
• Light & Flexible – Utilises the latest components to create a boot that is both light and flexible
• Shock absorbing defined heel for safety when working on steps/ladders
• Multi Directional Tread Sole – For liquid dispersal, designed to allow maximum ground contact
• Triple Density Phylon/Rubber Sole – Highest slip resistance and heat resistant to 300ºC
• Impact Resistant Ankle Protection – Incorporating shock absorbing material for added protection to the ankle
• VS102 Energy Return Footbed – Features a shock absorbing footbed with rebound technology, posture stability, hygienic material and a ventilated airflow
• EN ISO 20345 SRC S3

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