SLICE 10562 Folding Utility Knife

SLICE 10562 Folding Utility Knife


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    The Slice® 10562 Folding Utility Knife combines the familiarity of a folding pocket knife handle with the innovation of our finger-friendly® blades. Keep your knife handy by slipping it into a pocket or using the included belt clip. When you’re ready to cut, press the quick-release lock button and unfold a safe, effective utility blade. The featured finger loop provides a secure gripping option. As with all Slice tools, the 10562 is designed for right- and left-handed use. The installed rounded-tip safety blade cuts effectively and lasts up to 11 times longer than standard steel blades. All Slice safety blades are non-sparking, non-conductive, and never rust.


    Dimensions: L 110.0 x W 33.0 x H 21.0 mm
    Cutting Depth: 30.0 mm

    Weight: 167.5 g

    Materials: carbon steel, aluminium, PA, stainless steel, zirconium oxide



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