SIR 51812 X-Flex Earplugs Pack of 10 pairs per Pack

SIR 51812 X-Flex Earplugs Pack of 10 pairs per Pack



EC Standards : EN 352-2 CE

Recommended for: Suitable in noisy environments.

Important Information:
Make sure the device is in good condition before
use. Once you become aware of a damage, you
should immediately replace it

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Mô tả

Soft disposable earplugs in polyurethane foam, 23 mm long. Pack of 10
Suitable for prolonged use.
1) They shall be rolled up on two fingers and then inserted into the ear
canal. Expanding, they regain the original shape adapting to all forms of
the ear canal.
2) Greatest degree of noise reduction currently available.
3) Preformed expanding polyurethane foam.
4) Cone-shaped, facilitating the correct insertion into the ear canal.
5) Slow-expanding foam to ensure a proper fit inside the ear.
6) Its smooth surface repels dirt, for maximum hygiene.
7) Hygiene guaranteed by the single packaging in polyethylene bags.
SNR 34 dB
Hertz frequency: H Attenuation = 33
Hertz frequency: M Attenuation = 31
Hertz frequency: L Attenuation = 30
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/Value APV:63/27.6/ 4.9/22.7;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/Value APV:125/31.6/4.9/26.7;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/Value APV:250/34.3/5.1/29.2;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/Value APV:500/35.8/5.0/30.8;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/ValueAPV:1000/35.0/4.8/30.2;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/ValueAPV:2000/35.4/4.0/31.4;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/Value APV:4000/45.3/4.2/41.1;
Freq.(Hz)/Attenuation Med./Dev. standard/Value APV:8000/44.7/4.5/40.2;
The product has been designed and manufactured to comply with
Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and subsequent amendments, and to conform
to the requirements of EN 352.
It is classified as PPE Cat. II.




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