MECHANIX CG4U-29 CG4x Utility Glove Brown

MECHANIX CG4U-29 CG4x Utility Glove Brown



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Easy Entry Cuff.

Newly designed to incorporate Material4x™, our CG4x Series Utility glove delivers value without compromising performance. With Material4x™ reinforced fingers and thumb, this glove is more versatile and durable than any other glove of its kind. The two-way stretch Spandex top with a moisture wicking thumb panel adds comfort and control, guaranteeing this is a glove you’ll want to wear for any task

Material4x™ is comprised of a proprietary homogenous fiber technology, which gives it inherent strength with superior feel and durability. Lab and field testing show Material4X™ lasts up to 4 times longer than other fibers.

Size: 8(S), 9(M), 10(L), 11(XL), 12(XXL)




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