Howard Leight (USA) 1016870 Polar Hood

Howard Leight (USA) 1016870 Polar Hood


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Balaclava-Style Hood – provides protection from cold climates while ensuring optimal earmuff attenuation; wind and water resistant Patented Side Panels – help to eliminate gap between earcup and ear, reducing hazardous noise exposure Optimal Attenuation – does not distort sound or earmuff attenuation Seal Around Face – forehead insulation and chin warmer prevent further exposure to the weather conditions Adjustable Design – front zipper for ventilation, foldaway visor to block sun from eyes, back neckstrap tightens hood to prevent further exposure Bright Green Trim/Reflective Stripe – enhances visibility and safety outdoors and in low-lightning environments Compatibility – fits with all Howard Leight and formerly Bilsom-branded earmuffs Two sizes – can protect a wide variety of workers, ensure personal warmth and comfort

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